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Making Real Estate Dreams Reality


I am a real estate professional with a heart for people. I have been in the Tampa Bay area for 20 years hailing from New York. I work with Align Right Realty , the fastest growing and most supportive Broker in Tampa who help us with the most updated marketing tools & technology which is very important in this business. 

I have been in the new home building industry in Tampa since 2002. I was actually one of the 1st female construction managers in Tampa and did it for 12 years to the point of being asked to do Quality Control as well. Being one of the only woman Working in a male dominated industry in 2002 was something I had to power thru and still became one of the top construction managers everywhere I worked. Thru the years I have walked people thru the building process of their homes and every one of my buyers enjoyed the process and learned a lot. In time I became somewhat of a celebrity in the industry and People actually tried to request me as their construction manager because of the way I took care of my buyers. The last custom home builder I worked for still to this day wants me back and has offered me a pay increase and a promotion to get me back.

So I have an eye for quality construction and the experience of a construction manager which brings a whole other side of negotiating experience and knowledge to representing my clients as a realtor. I am still available for & in touch many of my buyers whose homes I built over the years and I’ll do the same for you. 

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